With summer holidays on the horizon, many of us are putting in the extra hours at the gym, running, yoga, boxercise, PT or group outdoor fitness classes. Whatever fitness regime you are currently into, I've put together my latest men's fitness look to help you look good and feel good.

With fitness fashion at it’s peak, brands are pushing the boundaries of both colour and fits in an attempt to draw you in and guess what? It’s working. Even some of my favourite fitness vloggers are becoming a victim of attempts to stay relevant. I’m here to buck the trend and and appeal to you to return BACK TO BASICS.

Have a look at this checklist and see what you can adjust to give yourself a more classic look at the gym:

1. Don’t stray away from the base structure of your look being built around Black’s, White’s and Grey’s. This doesn’t mean the end of your colour experiments (check out number ? for how to add colour to your gym look). These are tried and tested colours that make you look good, so if it’s not broke why fix it. Look around at the fashionistas of your gym, they look sleek, smart and belong in the environment.

2. Make sure your clothing is a tapered fit, whether it be slim, skinny or super skinny, don’t shy away from it. If your lucky enough to already have a great body, firstly I hate you (just kidding), secondly let your hard work show in what you wear. If your like the rest of us and trying to climb away from the dad bod, don’t think baggy will cover the imperfections, it’s a one way ticket to looking even bigger. So you see fitted is a win, win for all, of course it will take time to maybe try some brands and find the one’s that can flatter. Most of us are looking for a snug fit in the shoulders, chest and arms but a more flowing fit in the mid section, a problem area for most. Leggings (always with shorts, been there, not a good look) or tapered joggers will give you a sleek overall look. Don’t shy away from them, give them a try, and be honest that when you look in the mirror whilst wearing your baggy shell suit bottoms your not feeling at the top of your game.

3. Stick to my 3 item rule top or bottom. There is flexibility in fit, shape, colour and brand choice but don’t stray to far away from this rule. Top, nice fitted short or long sleeve T Shirt, performance vest (stringers need not apply) or sleeveless T Shirt and lastly a performance hoodie zip or pull over. Bottom, tapered joggers, shorts or leggings and shorts. Simple, easy to follow, just as I said in 2, take your time to find the flattering fits. No muffin tops, no matter how sweet you think the top or bottom item is.

4. If your a fan of colour don’t panic we are too. Try looking first at your trainers selection. Starting with a reserved pallet of clothing this is an area you can show that crazy spirit. Check out our blog on the best gym shoes for ideas. Try and think about matching to any designs your training top might have in it. Which is another area you can add colour. Keep your basic colours but add colour from logos or designs, it’s subtle but let’s everyone see your favourite colour selections. Watch this space for our upcoming releases where we will be adding different colours to our logos.